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Bootstrap terraform state in azure

· 2 min read

It's a good idea to store your Terraform state in a remote backend because:

  • Terraform state often contains sensitive information e.g. credentials, access tokens etc. so using a backend that has access control and encrypts the state at rest and in transit will keep it safer.
  • Your Terraform state can be backed up
  • You can retrieve your state when running scripts in CI / CD pipelines.

If you're using Terraform to configure Azure resources, you'll probably want to use the azurerm terraform backend.

This stores your state in an Azure Storage Account. The following Terraform will create a storage account that can be used to store your Terraform state in Azure:

resource "azurerm_resource_group" "terraform_state" {  name     = var.resource_group_name  location = var.location}
resource "azurerm_storage_account" "terraform_state" {  name                     = var.storage_account_name  resource_group_name      =  location                 = azurerm_resource_group.terraform_state.location  account_tier             = "Standard"  account_replication_type = "GRS"  min_tls_version          = "TLS1_2"}
resource "azurerm_storage_container" "terraform_state" {  name                  = var.container_name  storage_account_name  =  container_access_type = "private"}
variable "resource_group_name" { type = string }variable "storage_account_name" { type = string }variable "container_name" { type = string }variable "location" { type = string }

To run it, you'll need to supply a file with the following variables set:


# the name of the resource group# e.g. "rg-mytfstate-shared-001"resource_group_name = ""
# the name of the storage account# e.g. "sttfstate001"storage_account_name = ""
# the name of the container# e.g. "tfstate"container_name = "tfstate"
# the location of the resouce group # and storage account e.g. "West Europe"location = "West Europe"

To apply the terraform run the following

# log into azure, this assumes you have sufficient # privileges to create resource groupsaz login
# initialise terraformterraform init
# show a planterraform plan -var-file=bootstrap.tfvars
# apply the terraformterraform apply -var-file=bootstrap.tfvars